I Can’t Kill This One [Fiddle Leaf Fig]

I’ve said it a few times on here…I don’t have a green thumb. As my love for indoor plants grows, I’m only met with the disappointment of a shriveled beauty a few weeks down the road. Money wasted! The lovely people at PermaLeaf® have come to my rescue. They have a huge variety of indoor and outdoor plants that are absolutely stunning. They sent me a beautiful tree to cure my fiddle fig blues. It looks like the real deal and will save me the frustration and expense of continually replacing my real one (seriously I’ve gone through 3 trees) and those fancy plants aren’t cheap!

PermaLeaf® products are made with a “specially formulated weatherable plastic that is designed and engineered to withstand harsh conditions. Whether you expose your artificial trees and plants to UV rays, snow, strong winds, or water they will be fade resistant and will suffer no color loss detectable by sight.”

I’m so happy with this new plant…the leaves have a silky texture and they perfectly depict the color variation in real leaves. Each leaf is connected with a plastic ball n socket joint so you can twist the leaves however looks best. I like to turn mine facing outward in a circular pattern, making the tree look its fullest.

My mother came over for a visit the other day and her eyes went right to the plant…”Where did you get that tree!? It’s beautiful!” Thanks Ma!

No joke, she is considering getting a faux Fiddle fig too now.

Here are a few of my favorite plants that PermaLeaf® offers. They are available for commercial projects and wholesale trade too – landscaping and design. How fantastic is that? Below you can find a few clips from their outstanding portfolio and talented work for clients all over the US.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Inspiration and 15 Pretty Planters

I have a love/hate relationship with these green beauties. I love them and they hate me. I’ve had three plants now and they keep dying, despite my tender loving care – scheduled waterings, a sunny spot next to the window and a gentle leaf polishing with coconut oil. I’ve tried everything. Maybe it’s my house…maybe it’s not enough sun. Who knows?

Here are some fun potting ideas! I stick mine inside a ceramic pot and woven grass basket at home. These cute planters extend beyond the fiddle leaf fig…think snake plant, cacti, rubber trees, palms etc. There are lots of indoor plant options that would look stunning in these pretty planters.
Pretty Planters
1. palazzo marbleized planter / 2. glisan hanging planter / 3.fiddle leaf fig ceramic planter / 4.cement planter / 5.brass planter /  6.riviera pineapple copper planter / 7.mamba basket / 8.drum white planter/  9.blue swirl planter  / 10.drip pottery / 11.zen white planter / 12.napa round planter / 13.conway basket /14.Joya Basket / 15.danube planter grey marble