Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 7

Daniel went for a 6:00AM hike with Christian, Jan & Joe (Christian’s in-laws) and Mike (Christian’s father). They watched the sunrise over Medford.
I was a lazy butt and slept-in with the rest of the Yule kids.
I gave Danny my camera so he could take some pictures of the hike. What a view!
OR Trip
After the boys got back, Daniel and I spent the day with Christian’s family. We drove to Crater Lake! It was a beautiful day!
Danny holding sweet baby Aiden (Austin’s son)
Crater Lake. This is the bluest water I’ve ever seen!
Check out that color!
If you look closely  you can see a very small Danny on the left side.
Natural Bridges — just outside of Crater Lake. The river rushes through lava tubes that form a bridge.
We had a picnic lunch overlooking the lake.
That night we went back to Jenn and Christian’s for dinner. Mike, Katie and Nanny (Patty) made some WONDERFUL chicken enchiladas.
And I got to spend some time with lovely Olivia.
Christian is a Daddy!
I love this picture of Olivia. She is gorgeous!
Danny holding Aiden (Austin’s son) and Christian holding his little Olivia.
Dan and I had a wonderful time visiting with Christian and Jenn and their families. Congrats on lovely little Olivia and our prayers will be with the both of you. We’ll see you at Christmas!!!! Please post millions of pictures of Olivia until then! We love you guys! Good luck in the Army Christian! We are so proud of you!

Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 6

We left the Fitzmorris Farm around 9:00 and headed to Medford, Oregon to see Christian, Jenna and their 3 day old miss Olivia. On our way down the road, we met up with our friend Josh at Vero in Eugene, Oregon for coffee. I REALLY liked Vero, it was a cute Victorian house converted into a coffee shop. I wish I could pick it up and carry it back home with me. Although, I must say that the scenery of Eugene, Oregon is the perfect place for this cozy coffee shop.
I  would love to see Eugene in Autumn. I bet it would be beautiful with it’s tall trees, brightly colored leaves and dark drizzly sky.
I like you Vero. I like you Eugene, Oregon. Please come home with me.
Josh and Danny
I got coffee with Kahlua cream !
Our friend Josh is working at a vineyard in Northern Oregon. We were traveling south, while he was traveling north, so we met for a quick cup & chat. The timing worked-out perfectly!
Have fun Josh! And don’t forget to bring us wine! he-he-he…
Josh started brewing his own beer! How cool is that!?
After meeting with Josh, Danny and I drove to Medford, Oregon to see Christian and Jenna’s baby girl — Olivia Lynn Barnett! What a beautiful buggaboo!
Proud Papa Christian holding his little girl
Honorary Uncle Daniel snuggling with Olivia
That night we had a BBQ at Jenn’s Parents house. We swam in the pool, ate good food and played with babies!
This is Aiden. He is Austin and Katie’s son ( Austin is Christian’s brother).
What a loveydove.

Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 5

Dan and I went to church with Josh and Meagan Sunday morning and then we walked around Corvallis and made salmon sandwiches on top of the car. After lunch we drove to Brownsville/Halsey to meet up with the Fitzmorris family.  Their family owns the farm next to my late Great Grandmother’s Twin-Butte property. As a child, my father spent summers with his Grandmother and the Fitsmorris down the road.
Dan and I stopped off at a fresh fruit stand on our way to the farm.
Fresh Blueberries!
The Fitzmorris Farm!
Pat and Rossco showed us around the farm
Patty cakes
Rossco and Me
Chopper! This cat has used up her nine lives and then some! A few years back, she fell asleep under the blades of a combine — it only knocked out a couple of her teeth! What a lucky cat!
This is where all the seed is stored — Millions of lbs.!
Barney the Barn Owl…I just named him.
Chris and Tena grow their own vegetables too!
Danny and I next to one of their combines in the hanger.
Oregon vac
We had a backyard BBQ! Pat made onion rings with the onions from the garden!
Chris made burgers with pepperjack cheese and bratwurst sausages marinated in beer. He even cooked up some tasty peppers from the garden!
We had a wonderful BBQ! And all of the veggies came from the farm! After dinner, Tena brought out a yummy blackberry pie and vanilla ice cream! Food coma…

The Fitzmorris farm and the Twin Buttes property that my Great Grandmother owned. One of my Great Uncles made me a wooden pen & case from a tree that fell on this property. What a special gift.

Dan and I had a great time visiting with the Fitzmorris family! We can’t wait to see them again!

OR/CA Road Trip: Day 4

Day four of our fabulous Oregon/California road trip was amazing! Meagan and Josh had a whole day planned for us! We started off with a morning hike through Silver Falls — A BEAUTIFUL 8 mile hike through the Oregon forest with 12 waterfalls! After our hike we explored the streets of Portland and had dinner and some Voodoo Doughnuts for dessert. What a spectacular day!
Danny stoked for the hike.
The first waterfall!
Here is the second waterfall. Dan got a great picture of  Josh, Meag and me walking behind it.
Oregon Trip
Danny on the backside of the waterfall
Stopping for LUNCH! PB&J’s, granola bars, chips, goldfish and trail mix!
Danny and Josh
This was my favorite waterfall! The water shoots off an overhang! If you look closely you can see people sitting on a bench in the crevice behind the water.
Can you see them?
Amazing (click on this pic so you can get a better view)


After our hike, we drove to Portland!


Kids playing in the city fountain. One kid was wearing superhero underoohoos…too cute.
Awesome idea…This group of friends dressed up as characters from Anchorman for a bar crawl. They were hilarious.


Voodoo Doughnuts! I have been wanting to go here for years! Check mark…


Glitter bricks at Voodoo.






Ummm? hahaha


Dan got a classic voodoo doll and I got an Oreo peanut butter doughnut.



Dan’s Voodoo doughnut was filled with raspberry jelly complete with a pretzel stabbing stick. Too funny.


Josh and Meag! Thank you so much for putting up with us for 2 days! We had a ton of fun and we hope that we can return the favor when you visit! The hike was amazing and our impromptu trip to Portland was great! Thank you for letting us spend the weekend with you and for being such wonderful hosts!

Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 3

Dan and I left Brookings, OR around 9:00 this morning and made our way to Corvallis by midafternoon. Here are some pictures we took along the way.
We found a sea food restaurant on the 101. I ordered the crab cake burger and Danny got some clam chowder!
We finally made it to Corvallis! Josh drove Dan and I down to the river to meet up with Meagan after work. We jumped on our rafts and floated down the river.
After our float we went to American Dream Pizza for dinner. The restaurant had a cute rooftop patio with umbrellas and  potted lavender .
 The WONDERFUL Meagan and Josh.
OR RoadT
After dinner we took a leisurely stroll through the wetlands.
When it was time to retire, I walked into my room and found a gorgeous quilt and 2 baby elephants on my bed. Guess what…? Meagan sewed it all herself! Wow! She is quite talented with her thread and needle! Fabulous job Meag, you are amazing.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Meagan and Josh are some of the most genuine people I know. Good friends, good hearts and hospitable to the max! We can’t wait for tomorrow — fun things are instore!