Oregon – Over the River and Through the Woods

A few weeks ago, my mom, brother and and I flew to Oregon to spend a long weekend with my Grandmother. We arrived in Medford and drove through the redwoods to Brookings where my Grandma lives on the coast. We spent most of the time talking, watching her favorite shows and looking through old pictures of when she was young. Brookings is a bit of sleepy town, but the slower pace was welcomed break from life at home. My brother and I went for a morning run everyday. It was nice to spend some quality sibling time together…even if he ran ahead of me (too cool to run with his little sis). We watched the waves, drove out to Lobe Park to skip rocks in the calm river, ate burgers at Fely’s Cafe and spent some time at the public library. It felt like a weekend from the 90’s and I loved it.

Flying over Mt. Shasta in all its glory.

I went for a morning run on the beach infront of Grandma’s house. She had a big storm roll in few weeks prior and massive waves brought giant logs onto the beach….just a 100ft or so from the houses along the beach.

OR Run
Morning runs with my brother. That tiny black figure on the road in-between the trees is Bran. He amazes me how fast and far he can run without taking a break.
Red pyracantha
Brookings OR coffee shop
The Bell & Whistle Coffee House
We picked up some coffee-to-go before we drove out to Loeb Park. It’s a cute little coffee house near the docks in Brooking harbor. I tried the toasted coconut mocha and Grandma had the kahlua latte. Both were fantastic.

Loeb Park ^^^The park is nestled in a grove of myrtlewoods and evergreens, many of which are well over 200 years old.  The icy blue Chetco River run through it – crystal clear and prefect for skipping stones with Grandma 😉

^^^Back to Grandma’s beach to enjoy a sunset walk with mom.

^^^My mom admiring the view of the mossiest tree we ever did see. We were on our way back to Medford, when we pulled over to check out a little trail leading to the river. We found this beauty at the bottom of it.

Baby It’s Cold Outside – New Year’s Eve at the Cabin

Idyllwild CA
We spent New Year’s Eve at the cabin this year. We invited a few of our friends and caravanned up the mountain just in time for a mini snowstorm. ^^^My favorite spot in Idyllwild (pic taken by a sneaky photographer – thanks Dany, u da best). With hot cider in our mugs we hiked up to the lookout rock to enjoying the view of the canyon before the rain and snow came that evening.
Idyllwild CA
^Our lovebird friends that are moving to Nashville to finish pharmacy school. We are so stoked for you guys, but we’ll miss our weekly hangs and tasty excursions. I hope we can keep a yearly vacation going… just 3 more years until you move back to us! And we can’t wait to see you in Nashville for that White Coat ceremony!
Idyllwild CA
I woke up early on New Years day to check out the snow before it melted away. What a gorgeous morning – the perfect way to start my 2017. Then D and I made buttermilk pancakes, eggs and bacon for the crew.
Idyllwild CAIdyllwild CAIdyllwild CAIdyllwild CA
I pray that you have a wonderful New Year filled with all the best that life can bring. Health, happiness and love to you and your families.

A Weekend At The Cabin

Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Pics from our weekend at the cabin. We were supposed to go camping in Morro Bay. The waves were good and the boys were excited to get some chilly surf in. I had visions of jiffy-pop around a campfire and wine tasting with Av, but the weather turned grumpy and tent camping in mud didn’t sound fun anymore. We decided to switch it up and head to the mountains instead of the beach. It turned out to be a magical weekend; with a hike to the grotto, the first snow of the season and an unexpected town center Christmas tree lighting complete with hot cider and caroling. It was a perfect way to kickstart the December feelys.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
^Av, Dan and Kelsso leading the way to the grotto.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Made it to the top! What a view of the valley!
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees KneesWeekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Lumberjack Dan (with boardshorts) haha. We hiked down to the grotto. In the springtime the snow melts and fills the grotto with icy cold water. It’s mostly dry during late summer and fall, so there wasn’t much flowing. It was fun to check it out and feel that cold breeze rush down the canyon crevasse.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Big dark storm clouds rolled in the next day and brought snow – perfect timing for the town Christmas tree lighting! Mike showed us how to play with flashlight photography.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
On our way to the town center for some festivities!
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees KneesWeekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Waiting for the Christmas tree lighting and huddling around the town fire pit, trying to keep warm and shield the kiddos from the wind and snow. Light that tree, light that tree! I can’t feel my feet.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees KneesWeekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
We ran into the local grocery store to warm the kids feet and order hot pizzas for the walk home.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Happy, warm and fed.
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees
Creampuff baby
Weekend At The Cabin | A Bit of Bees Knees

A Weekend in the Mountains

We took off Saturday morning with my Mom, Mom-in-law, Dan, my brother Bran and our friend Danielle and headed to my Grandfather’s cabin in Idyllwild, CA. It was a fun little getaway…playing board games, cards, hiking, hammocking. Gpa also has a compound bow, quad and a wood shop! Oh yeah! It’s so lovely to have a place where we can get some fresh air, do some hiking and spend some time with each other. We stopped off at my favorite Mexican food restaurant for some hot dulce de leche churros and the best fruit and veggie stand down the road before climbing the mountain.
^^^Some yummy fruit and veggies sold at my favorite Washburn Ranch Fruit Stand. We Picked up oranges, avocados, grapefruit, pomegranates and apples!
FullSizeRender-12FullSizeRender-11FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-1
^^^We went for a hike to the nature center in back of the cabin. What a view! I’m loving all the fall leaves and colors. We don’t get much of a fall/winter season at home, so coming up to mountains is really nice. We’re actually expecting a lot of rain this year (with El Nino approaching) and I’m super excited to see some weather besides sunny skies…is that weird? I want some rain and snow baby! Give me some cold gloomy days — the best snuggle weather.

dan^^ My Baby taking a look at the view on our hike.

*Winter Wonderland*

We had a weekend in the mountains! It was a winter wonderland — driving up the mountain with flurries of snowflakes and Christmas tunes playing in the car. It was a perfect moment shared with some amazing friends. We arrived LATE at night and made some hot cocoa and ran outside to enjoy the snow. We made a cozy fire and sprawled out on big sheep skins while watching a movie. The next morning we walked into town for breakfast and coffee and took the ATV out for a spin with the sleds. The next weekend we did the same thing again and I tried my hand at making a Black Velvets for the first time. Simply wonderful.


Shan and Justin.


My Handsome Husband Danny.