Market Finds & Joie de Vivre

So I’ve been writing joie de vivre posts for a long time…highlighting things, places, activities or moments that make my heart zing. There are lot of simple joys throughout the week, but one that I particularly look forward to is fruit shopping on the weekends. There is a large population of expatriate Vietnamese families in Westminster known as Little Saigon (a 30 minute drive away from where we live) and it’s become one of my favorite places to explore! I really have a blast shopping in the markets and trying different restaurants with Dan and our friends. There are so many awesome goodies to discover. Mangosteen, passion fruit, durian, cherimoya, starfruit, sugarcane, pho and banh xeo! Here are some of my favorite fruit finds from Trai Cay Ngon.

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5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}

 Five joie de vivre from my past week. 
These are some things that make me smile
{Dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Mmmm}
{Flowers in the house}
5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}
{Ok…this may seem like a weird thing to be excited over, but it smells SO good! I love cleaning the house just so it can smell like fresh grapefruit! And a plus — it’s all natural, non-toxic and plant based}
{My new peppermint plant from mom <3}
{I found these cute ceramic fortune cookies that hold notes/name cards. I wrote a message to my love while we dined on spicy Shin Bowls}

5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}

Joie De Vivre.
The simple joys in  life that I am thankful for.
The things that make me smile.
{Passion fruit chocolate caramels}
{Fresh pink tulips and a travel magazine on our coffee table!}
{Striped paper straws}
{Almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts…my attempt at healthy snacking on the go}
{A fresh bowl of fruit. Pears, grapefruit, guavas, apricots, tangerines, bananas and avocados}

5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}

{Truffle Tremor Cheese at The SoCo Mix Cheese Shop}
We stumble across this cute little cheese shop. I love the way they display their menu (on the butcher paper). They had the most amazing cheese: testun al barolo, rich goudas flavored with truffles and sharp cheddar with chives etc. We got the truffle tremor – a creamy truffle bree cheese with a mild goat cheese in the middle. Gawwwh. So good.
5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}
I secretly steal a sprig when I pass by this bush on our walks. I can’t help it, they smell so good!
{ Homemade Toffee Popcorn}
This is what I think heaven would smell like. It’s so nice to cozy up on the couch, share a bowl of this magical stuff and a cup of vanilla coffee. I’m thankful for moments like these with my Hub. So relaxing.
{Our New Krups Juicer}
I’m very excited about  our new juicer that we got with the rest of our wedding money from Macy’s. We bought some fun fruits and veggies to test out the new machine — peaches, guavas, apples, blueberries, grapes, spinach, carrots etc. Yay to investing in our health!
{Lunch With My Mr.}
We made lunch at home and ate in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.

5 Joie De Vivre {Simple Joys in Life}

Joie De Vivre.
The simple joys in  life that I am thankful for.
{Rose drops imported from France. They taste like the smell of a dozen fragrant roses. So lovely — an instant pick-me-up}
rose candies
{Last Thursday evening the clouds looked warm and cozy. They cast an amber glow all over town. It was a brilliant feeling — best described as a cloud hug}

{It’s almost lemon season.}

{I bought a dozen red roses for the house. It’s such a treat to have these on the table.}

{Homemade nutmeg coffee with my man.}