Fiddle Leaf Fig Inspiration and 15 Pretty Planters

I have a love/hate relationship with these green beauties. I love them and they hate me. I’ve had three plants now and they keep dying, despite my tender loving care – scheduled waterings, a sunny spot next to the window and a gentle leaf polishing with coconut oil. I’ve tried everything. Maybe it’s my house…maybe it’s not enough sun. Who knows?

Here are some fun potting ideas! I stick mine inside a ceramic pot and woven grass basket at home. These cute planters extend beyond the fiddle leaf fig…think snake plant, cacti, rubber trees, palms etc. There are lots of indoor plant options that would look stunning in these pretty planters.
Pretty Planters
1. palazzo marbleized planter / 2. glisan hanging planter / 3.fiddle leaf fig ceramic planter / 4.cement planter / 5.brass planter /  6.riviera pineapple copper planter / 7.mamba basket / 8.drum white planter/ swirl planter  / 10.drip pottery / 11.zen white planter / 12.napa round planter / 13.conway basket /14.Joya Basket / 15.danube planter grey marble

Diy Garden Pot

Easy. Easy. Easy.
{Step One}
Use masking tape to tape around your pot. Spray with spray paint. I used a glossy black. Use whatever color your heart desires. Place a piece of cardboard under your pot to keep things clean while spraying.
{Step 2}
One more coat of spray paint. Make sure you spray inside the rim up to soil level.
{Step 3}
Let it dry and then peel off that tape! Touch-up any uneven places with a paintbrush. You can spray your spray paint into a piece of crumpled newspaper — it will hold a nice little puddle that you can use a touch-up paint.


Garden Station DIY Wooden Pallets

I have the best Hubby ever. Dan made me a gardening station for my potted plants and tools. I love that he used recycled wooden pallets… so eco-friendly of you Dan! He even made a shelf for my planter boxes and storage for soil and pots underneath. He was the handyman and I was the painter. I also had some fun arranging a few of our star lamps to make the space extra special {Dan wanted me to move them from our umbrella because someone kept hitting their head on them ha-ha}. Yay for team effort. Another DIY successfully completed. I just love him 🙂 What a thoughtful guy!

Garden Station DIY Wooden Pallets{Before}

Flowers + Bulbs + Diy Chalkboard Planter

I am enjoying the potted flowers that are blooming at home.
Feeling very grateful for these little gifts.
{red ranunculus}
{daffodil bulbs}
Mom gave me a bunch for a Spring treat.
I can’t wait to plant these babies and watch them grow!