Cute Jewelry for a Good Cause {Our Sisters of Africa}

Cute Jewelry for a Good Cause {Our Sisters of Africa}
After a trip to Kenya and Uganda, Kelly Rorden and Stephanie May felt a calling to help high school girls deal with the struggles they face as young women in Africa. Many girls in Kenya and Uganda “don’t have money for sanitary napkins,” something that we in U.S. take for granted.  Most females living in impoverished communities miss “1/4 of their schooling” due to monthly cycles. Missed school means poor grades, higher dropout rates and some girls even resort to prostitution for money. 
Upon coming back to the U.S. Kelly and Stephanie were determined to help these young women stay in school. They started Our Sisters of Africa — A beautiful Etsy Shop dedicated to raising money to support women in Africa by purchasing reusable sanitary pads. Our Sisters of Africa sells handmade jewelry and 50% OF THEIR PROCEEDS go directly towards supporting young women in Africa. With the purchase of just one ring you can provide a girl with reusable pads for an ENTIRE YEAR!
Check out their website or go directly to their shop. You can even like them on Facebook or contact them at! Spread the word!
What a wonderful idea guys! Keep up the good work!
Love, B

Adorable Bikinis!

Oh! I want one for summer! These cute bikinis are handmade by Eva Elz of Amourouse — an adorable shop specializing in creating fun, feminine bikinis and intimate apparel that is based in Holland. Aren’t they the the cutest? Summer here I come!
A note from Eva,
I’ve been sewing for a little while now (my mother, is very experienced with sewing and fabric, she is the also a seamstress for our business) and I am very happy with what we do — creating feminine and fun clothing for beachwear and intimate apparel. Our bow bandeau design is an original pattern; custom fit and fabric choices are unique to Amourouse Boutique. My inspiration often comes from my own imagination wishing to create something that’s very handmade with artful, quality fabrics. And then there’s little things that inspire me, like whales, colors, the snow, and music.
Much love, Eva
So Cute!
Etsy Bikini