Birthday Fun

This past month or so we have had birthdays galore…including a surprise birthday party that Danny and my friends gave me. Here are some pics from my April birthday and the backyard BBQ we had for our friends Dany and Alex. And my wonderful husbands B-day is on June 1th! Yay! So many birthdays! P.S. I feel like I am confusing you with all the Dan’s in my life. Danny/Daniel (I call him both)=Husband, Dany (with one n)= our way cool friend. Here are some pictures from our recent festivities.
 {Make a wish and blow out your candles! Dany and Alexander}
{Happy birthday to me!}
Birthday Fun
{Our backyard bbq birthday party}
{My surprise birthday party!}


{Jelly bean champagne…why not?}

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a fabulous day filled with family and friends. Here are a few pictures from our Easter. We went to Church, then had brunch with the family, followed by an afternoon of relaxation and a long nap. Ahhh, It was a wonderful day. We are so thankful for the good Lord.
He is Risen!
{Cute bunny and Easter egg cupcakes that I made with my nanny babies}

{Flowers during brunch}
Easter flowers
{A heath bar chocolate cake!}

{Lots of yummy food! Strawberry salad, couscous, ham, fruit and chili quiche}

{The Easter bunny still brings us treats! Thanks Mom, Dan and I love chocolate milk!}

{Yay for Easter!}


A Quadruple Date Night

Last Saturday we had a quadruple date night! A bunch of us got together at our house and everyone brought something to share — Dan and I did all the veggies and Brazilian Lemonade, Evan and Monica brought some awesome fish from Evans last voyage, Dany and Ev brought an amazing apple pie and Shanny and Justin brought a tasty salad. It’s so much fun having last minute get-togethers, especially when everyone chips in. After dinner we played some glow-in-the-dark bocci ball and then drove up to the Long Beach Laugh Factory. The ticket seller noticed that Justin was a Navy Pilot, so they bumped our group up to the front row…where the comedians proceeded to rag on us all night. Awww the perks of having a military I.D. Baaahaha. It was a hilarious, amazing evening.

Date Night

Dreaming of Summer Parties

I can’t wait for summer to come! We recently had a really hot week here in California and it brought back memories of summer. Here are some pictures of a June party we threw for Danny’s birthday a few years ago. We had it on the empty lot we bought (which is any day now being approve for construction yay). I just love getting together with friends, grilling burgers, eating cupcakes and drinking some cold lemonade. I can’t wait to have one of these parties in our new backyard at the La Perle house — a nice BBQ under our cafe lights and bare feet on our new grass! Dear summer please get here soon.

summer parties