Mango Passion Green Tea Sour

Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea Sour
#1 reason to celebrate…it’s my birthday (April 20th) OK a few days late…
#2 reasons it’s Friday and I just wanna sit down on the couch with my babe, relax and enjoy this drink and the glorious weekend vibes.

I teamed up with the very nice people at Powell & Mahoney to make this Mango Passion Green Tea Sour. Powell & Mahoney make vintage original cocktail mixers using only the finest juices, essential oils and pure cane sugar! Oh yeah! I’m excited that cocktail trends are straying away from artificial flavors and seeking out pure ingredients. Powell & Mahoney are committed to bringing you the world’s finest all-natural cocktail mixers. Thanks guys!

Mango Passion Green Tea Sour
*Makes 1 drink

2oz. green tea infused vodka (I use green tea blended with coconut, ginger and vanilla)*let tea infuse in the vodka overnight
3oz.  P&M mango passion fruit
1oz. ginger soother
1/2 oz. lemon juice
1 tbsp agave
1/2 fresh passion fruit pulp
*Shake and strain into a chilled glass or over ice. Garnish with passion fruit and lemon twist
Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea Sour

Lavender Latte {Dairy Free}

FullSizeRender-38 copy 2
A hug in a cuppa coffee. My friend Jenn took me to a cooking class at Sur La Table last week (thanks Jenn) and we both bought bottles of lavender! Oh it smells so good in this house!

Double shot Lavazza super creme espresso
1/2 cup steamed hemp mylk {or nut mylk}
1 tsp blue agave
2 drops lavender extract
Sprinkle with dried lavender

chia passion parfait

Chia passion parfait! Lots of fun flavors in this one! Layers of vanilla bean chia seeds, kiwi, mango banana cream, blended black cherries, strawberries, blueberries and passion fruit pulp with roasted coconut chips on top!

Vanilla Bean Chia Seed Pudding
2 tbsp. chia seeds
1 1/2 cups hemp mylk
1 tsp. vanilla bean paste
1 tsp. agave
*combine in a cup and let sit in the fridge for 1 hour. Stir occasionally to make sure it doesn’t clump up.

Mango Banana Cream
1 rige mango
1 frozen banana
*blend in a blender until smooth

Cherry + Berries Smoothie
1/2 cup fresh black cherries (pitted)
5 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
*blend in a blender until smooth

Line a dry glass cup with thin kiwi slices. Layer with vanilla chia pudding, mango banana cream, cherry + berry smoothie and passionfruit pulp. Top with half a passion fruit and roasted coconut chips.

Turmeric, black pepper, coconut, café and spiced tea rum Russian


It’s been a rough week. We’ve been planning our trip to India and I waited to get our visas 1 month out (to qualify for the online e-visa). While Dan passed with flying colors…me, not so much. A week of pulling out my hair and 20+ confusing phone calls later, my 3rd application was finally approved! I almost thought we’d have to cancel the trip! Fewf! That was a close one. I wanted to celebrate! I came home from work, kicked-off my shoes and played mixologist in the kitchen. This was the result – a spicy, savory, creamy, dreamy drink. There are a whole lot of goodies in this little baby… an unexpected blend of spices came together to make a knockout version of a rum Russian. All you need is a comfy couch, a good show, soft blanket and this in your hand to make any stressful day a good one.

If you want to make a non-alcoholic version, minus the café liqueur and spiced rum and you’ll have a cool, decadent drink you can sip on the daily…

Makes 2 drinks – his and hers

1/2 cup strong coffee
1/4 cup black tea
1/4 cup cream (use nut milk if vegan)
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tbsp coconut cream
1 tbsp pure maple syrup
1oz xo café liqueur
2oz black spiced rum

Mix all ingredients together. Rim your glass with coconut sugar and black pepper (optional). Pour over ice and enjoy
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Marbled Jewel Cups

I’m so excited to put these little babies in my shop! I’ve been having fun dabbling in ceramics again. I’m pretty stoked on how these turned out. My morning coffee routine just got a lot more exciting — goodbye ugly mug, hello little beauty! These jewel cups are magical little vessels…transforming treats into something special. I make them myself and they’re available here. I hope you like them as much as I do!

This earthenware Jewel Cup  is made from white and blue cone 06 slip which has been poured and marbled by hand, creating an organic and fluid movement. Each piece is 100% unique; no two marbled designs will ever be the same!

Each cup has been hand painted with a clear glossy non-toxic food safe glaze inside and out, to keep it functional and easy to clean.
If you like them, feel free to check out my shop A Bit of Bees Knees.

Jewel Cup