Our Baby Turned 1!

And just like that our Maggie is ONE (on March 4th)! You’re a happy, funny, snuggly little bundle of love and our dream come true! We’re excited for all the memories we have yet to make, all the birthdays, holidays and milestones yet to be celebrated and all the adventures to be had! What a blessing it is to be your Mom and Dad – to watch you grow everyday and to share with you all the people, places and things we love. This past year has been a blast! Happiest of birthdays to you Margaret June.

In lieu of gifts or a big party for Maggie’s 1st birthday we decided to have a small celebration at home with her Grandparents and Uncle. We created a time capsule filled with letters from family and friends. We will keep the letters sealed away so she can open them on her 18th birthday.

* I thought I should share the idea here so you could make one for your own kiddos too.*

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