DIY Sunbust Mirror {Free Paint Sticks}

DIY Mirror
We are at Home Depot a LOT during the week. We’ve been building two houses for the past few years so Dan basically lives there. We were perusing through the paint section the other day and I remembered a fun DIY project I had seen online – A mirror made with paint sticks! I had done one of these mirrors in the past (here) with shish kebab sticks. It turned out nice, but this one is a whole different look! This baby is beefy guys…make sure you hang it on a stud. This project was basically free! I had most of the supplies around the house, but here is a list of the items you’ll be needing if you don’t already have them at home.

150 paint sticks from Home Depot…
Lady: “They’re free!”
Me: “But I need so many of them! I feel bad. Let me pay you…”
Lady: “Nope, we get millions of em. Take as many as you want!”
^^^I hope your experience was as awesome as mine.

Here is a list of some other items you’ll be needing:
120-150 paint sticks
Glue (I like this one)
1 Round mirror with frame
Spray paint
17 Wooden shims
Hanging hardware
Hanging wire

DIY Mirror
DIY Mirror
-I separated the paint sticks into 17 groups of 7 (you’ll use less or more depending on the size of your mirror. Stack and glue each bundle like this (above). Let each bundle rest on its side until dry. * I love that the Home Depot paint sticks double as a ruler so you can measure each pattern perfectly. That was convenient!

-Optional: I cut my stick bundles with a Miter Saw because I wanted to make them shorter.
DIY MirrorDIY Mirror
-Arrange the bundles in a circle on top of a shop towel or something you won’t mind getting glue on (I started mine on the garage floor…husband was not happy with glue spots. Oops). Place a wooden shim between each bundle (thin side pointing towards the middle of the the circle).

-Measure the distance between each bundle, making sure they are equally spaced around the circle.

-Glue! This process is going to take a few days. make sure the top side is completely dry before attempting to flip the mirror over. Glue the other side as well as in between each bundle and shim.
DIY Mirror
-Glue mirror to frame. Let dry over night.

-Protect the mirror by taping newspaper over the glass. Spray paint mirror.

-After everything is dry, remove the paper and fasten the hanger hooks and wire.
DIY Mirror
Not too shabby! Something is still a bit off… I heard mixing some brown, black and silver acrylics and blotting with a paper towel + sanding once dry can create a fun mercury/antique metal look. I think that will make this mirror pop a bit more on our light wall color. Still in progress!
DIY Mirror

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