Surf Trip & The Chinook

A few weeks ago, Dan and I spent the weekend at El Capitain with some friends. We finally got a chance to bring the Chinook – a 1976 popup camper that D’s been restoring for the past few months. It was completely roached when we got it…he put in new wood floors, chairs, carpet, storage beds, a sink and a mini fridge! This man is amazing! He even sewed his own curtains and my Grandpa taught him how to make custom cushions for the bench seats. It turned out pretty cool.

It was a fun weekend…a little cold, but nice to getaway with friends, sit around a campfire and cook dinner together. After 1 night in El Cap, we drove back down to Ventura for a little more surf before going home. Fun times.

FullSizeRender-26 copyimage
Photobombed by Sam ^^^
^^^ A pic of the storage benches/bed that D made. Benches and table by day/queen bed by night. Pretty snazzy D! Super classy international beer curtains babe…nice touch. We can fit 7 of our friends in the back when the benches are up. It was fun to huddle up in the camper when it got cold outside.
image image
Cookin’ around the campfire! My cousins came out to visit us for dinner. So nice of them to stop by!
image image image
Breakfast time. Making coffee for the crew.
It was a fun and fast trip. Here is a little clip of our weekend.

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