Coco Jack

Coco Jack

So I feel like a bad wife…Dan and I talked before Valentine’s day and we decided not to get each other presents this year because of our trip to India (in 4 days!). Totally cool with that. So Valentine’s day comes around and Dan says, “Oh, I got you a present.” Nice D, now I feel like a jerk. “Oh yeah me too…I got you a card that proclaims my undying love for you.” 😉

He’s so sneaky and wonderful.

Any who… he got me this WAY COOL coconut opener called The Coco Jack! I love me some coconuts, but they’re the biggest pain in the a$$ to open so this little invention is a life saver (literally, you can hack your fingers off using that old machete). All you do is place the sharp cylinder on top of the coconut and give it a good smack with a rubber mallet. Then pull up on the handle and pop out the top of the coconut. Simple as that. Here is a video clip if my description has still got you scratching your head. It’s super cool. Go get one!

Here’s the recipe for the yummy smoothie bowl I made:
1 packet sambazon açaí
1 frozen banana
coconut meat from one coconut
1/2 cup coconut water
1/4 cup ginger soother
Blend and top with blueberries, raspberries, apples and chocolate covered cacao nibs.

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