Honeydew Smoothie Bowl

Honeydew Smoothie Bowl
Here is a honeydew bowl with caramelly banana maca root nice cream, blackberry swirls, strawberries and sprouted buckwheat groats. I’m a big fan of smoothies, they’re so easy and yummy! Just throw everything into the blender and whip to creamy perfection. And there is no better bowl to serve it in than the one that nature provides for us! Scoop out the seeds from your favorite melon and pour your smoothie into the middle. Top with fresh fruit and buckwheat groats. Easy peasy.

2 frozen bananas

¼ cup vanilla hemp mylk

1 tbsp maca root powder

*Blend in a blender until smooth. Spoon into a hollowed melon.

Rinse out blender

10 fresh black berries

5 fresh strawberries

*Blend in a blender until liquefied

Pour over the banana-maca smoothie and mix in with a spoon.

Top with a few extra fresh strawberries, blackberries and buckwheat groats.

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