Sunset Smoothie

It has been a HOT and strangely humid summer. It seems to me that southern California is turing into a tropical paradise. So, this drink celebrates a tropical summer with the best of its juicy fruity flavors.

½ kiwi, cut into thin slices
*Line the inside of a dry drinking glass with kiwi slices

Smoothie 1:
1 packet of frozen pitaya (I use this brand if you can’t find fresh)
1 fresh peach
1 frozen banana
*Blend in a blender until smooth and pour into an extra glass

Rinse out blender

Smoothie 2:
1 frozen banana
1 fresh peach

*Blend in a blender until smooth and pour into the kiwi-lined drinking glass, layering it with the first smoothie. Gently stir with a long spoon or chopstick to achieve sunset swirls.

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