Ladies Night Out

Girls Night Out - Packing District
Ladies night out! Ooooh yeah! We decided to go to the Packing House out in Anaheim. Oh man this place it cool. Situated in an old Sunkist packing house (from 1919), it’s been refurbished as a multi level gallery with all kinds of amazing eateries, bars and shops etc. From Indian, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream bars, pork belly roasts, pho and more! I’m not much of a beer drinker, but oh man…the beer here is wild. My friends favorite is the creamy horchata beer from the Iron Press.
There’s so much to choose from. There’s lots of seating, benches and couches to sit and relax as you enjoy your meal and even a couple of oversized swings downstairs. There was a small area in the middle where a band performed nice blues tunes. Ahhh I love this place and love these girls…we definetly need to come back and check out the Blind Rabbit speakeasy!

If in this area, you MUST come check this place out. Come hungry and thirsty.
^^^Secret entrance to the Blind Rabbit speakeasy. There is a little rabbit handle on the middle row, second barrel in. Do you see it?

I got some garlic naan and aloo masala rolls with homestyle spicy potatoes, mustard seeds, ginger! We all put our meals on a big table and shared everything.
And then we shared this ^^^ Ohhhh my gawwwd. Must try Crepe Coop. Fun night girls! Let’s do it again soon!

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