Oh So Lucky Studios

Oh So Lucky Studio

My friend Hailey has just opened a fabulous shop called Oh So Lucky Studios “A studio dedicated to celebrating your favorite wedding moments with custom wedding illustrations planned, painted and packaged especially for you!” I am beyond excited for her and thought I should share this beautiful place with all of you.

A note from the artist:
“Hello! My name is Hailey Toohey and I am the Owner, Creative Director, and Illustrator at Oh So Lucky Studios. I am the type who would get married every weekend if I could. I love weddings, I love my husband, and I absolutely love creative design! I decided to combine my passions to see what would happen…
We, the Oh So Lucky Studios team, believe that if you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business.  The core of our company is not what we do, but why we do it. Our illustrations are inspired by you – the happy people, the romantic souls, the creative gift givers, and all you wedding enthusiasts out there! Our goal is to celebrate, spread, inspire, and search for what truly makes people happy.  We decided to start with weddings.  We believe that healthy marriages are a huge part of a happy life for you, the people around you and most importantly, the people you choose to bring into this world.  Between the Bring Beauty Project and our illustrations, we hope, with your help, to leave this world a bit better and a bit more beautiful than when we found it.”

I was lucky enough to be one of her featured brides. Hailey captured my wedding dress lace to a tee ^. I jumped for joy when I came home from work and saw that pretty box delivered on my doorstep. Hailey puts so much love into everything – from her flawless artwork to the sparkly little sticker on the perfectly wrapped tissue paper. You can tell that her heart and soul have gone into every detail. She truly loves what she does.If you are a past, present or future bride, I suggest you check out Oh So Lucky Studios and take a look at Hailey’s amazing work. And to all you grooms and husbands out there, this can be a thoughtful gift for your bride – major brownie points guys! Having a keepsake from your wedding is a very special thing.


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