Seventh Tea Bar

I heard great things about the Seventh Tea Bar and wanted to check it out. We had a friends birthday coming up so we thought it would be fun to take her to Seventh for a Grand Service. It was gorgeous! They have an amazing selection of tea! We decided on the jasmine pearl green tea and oolong, both were wonderful but I’m a sucker for jasmine. Our server even brought us a timer so we could steep our tea to perfection. 
This place is so cute! Both indoor and outdoor seating are available — marble tables, bright chairs and industrial looking chandeliers on the inside or tiny cafe tables under a vine covered pergola on the outside. Very charming and relaxing, exactly the place you would hope to drink your tea. 

We were served shrimp rolls with fresh dill, creme fraiche, avocado, and diakon sprouts; fluffy pretzel bread with pesto, house-made apricot jam and ricotta; earl grey truffles; a mini citrus chamomile tart with tangerine curd and chamomile cream and salted caramel mousse cup… all handmade from the Seventh kitchen. Wow! Such a fun experience.

Seventh Tea Bar

Pictures Via: A Bit of Bees KneesSeventh Tea Bar Banner, SOCO {last picture}

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