Over the River and Through the Woods

My Mom, Dad, Dan and I hopped into a mini motorhome last week and made the 12 hour trek to Brookings, Oregon to visit my Grandmother for a few days before heading to Halsey for a wedding. Here are some fun pictures that I took along the way. Wedding pics are soon to come…

^Dan relaxing in the motorhome like it’s his job.

^The things you can make on a loooong drive.

We stopped at a little cafe to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. I love this picture that I snapped of my mom while we shared a piece of rhubarb pie.

The Human Bean has the cutest coffee ^ complete with a chocolate covered coffee bean on top!

Dan skippin rocks

Grandma’s new car…it’s going to be a metallic gold with glints of green. She’s a wild one.

Burgers on the beach and our last evening with Grandma and Don.

We loaded up the motorhome and hit the road for Halsey, Oregon to help our friends get ready for a wedding on their farm.

My parents rented a little trailer so each of us could have our own humble abode. I loved waking up to a cup of coffee and views of the grass fields — it’s so different from home. Don’t get me wrong…I love home, but there is something special about the smell of sweet grass, silence and open land!

I love the 2nd story barn door…one of my funniest childhood memories was when Josh bet Pat that he couldn’t pee into a fishbowl on the bottom floor. Josh lost, Pat won. And I was bummed I couldn’t partake in this hilarious game…oh to be 6 again. Where were our mothers?


^My great grandparents lived in a farm house next to the grassy hill on the right. He passed away before I was born and she lived to be 99. I love hearing stories about Great Grandma Dodd. She sounded like quite the character. She would hike the hill every morning, can homemade blackberry and strawberry jam by the 100’s and crack open crab shells with her bare hands. What a woman!

These little ladies were so sweet. We all became fast friends and enjoyed braiding each others hair, talking about school crushes and taking silly pictures in the sheep run.

We helped prepare lamb and pig for the wedding.

^Snuggles with Rosco

Scrubbing potatoes for the wedding! Check out the Wedding pics!

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