Honeymoon Part 2: Monte Carlo, Monaco

–Part 2 of 14–
For those of you who are just tuning in, Dan and I had an amazing month long European honeymoon and I’m just getting around to sharing the pictures of our epic adventure. We started in Barcelona, Spain where we spent a few days exploring the city before we boarded a ship and sailed to Monte Carlo.
What a beautiful place to wake up to! We spent the day at the beach and visited Prince Rainier’s private car collection {Prince Rainier married the fabulous Grace Kelly in 1956, too cool huh? By the way, did you ever see her wedding dress? AMAZING!}. We had a perfect morning lounging on the beach, eating leftover croissants with jam and nutella that we smuggled from the ship. We found nice spot to set out our towels at the far end of the beach.

Beach Babe. And tiny shells instead of sand.^^^
^^^We decided to hike up to the fortress on the hillside for some great views of Monte Carlo.

^^^A nice couple offered to take our picture on the deck of the ship {sorry for the picture quality, we were using Dan’s waterproof camera}.Honeymoon Part 2: Monte Carlo, Monaco
^^^The Famous Monte Carlo Casino

^^^Is it weird that I like taking pictures of peoples windows? Yeah…it’s borderline creepy, but I think they are lovely. Look at those shutters and lace! I would love to be a fly on the wall to see how people live here.

^^^It’s crazy how these houses are built on the side of a cliff — almost on top of each other.

^^^We walked through a tunnel to check out the other side of the city and found these pictures for sale posted on the tunnel wall. Grace Kelly you were one classy lady!

^^^I found our boat. How magical is this? I dig the bohemian hammock. This will be our little putz around boat, we can dock it next to our giant yacht. Right Dan? No? We’ll see…

^^^Pretty details everywhere you look!
^^^Prince Rainier’s private car collection. So many gorgeous cars, immaculately restored to their original condition.

^^^Love that red!

^^^Dan’s in Heaven.

^^^ Some kind of snow cat used for polar expeditions.

^^^By the harbor with the palace in the background.

^^^Walking up to the palace.

^^^Picturesque old town Monaco.

^^^A view of Musee Oceanographique de Monaco

^^^A closer look of the rooftop garden and skate park from the previous picture.

^^^My favorite part of the day was when we were walking back to the ship {we had 30 minutes until departure}. We found these cool concrete stairs at the edge of the city that dropped off into the Mediterranean Sea; deep dark blue water as far as the eye could see. We both looked at each other and decided to run back to the ship and change into our suits for a quick swim. “Do we have enough time? Will the ship leave without us? We’ll be soaking wet when we get back on!” So worth it. It was one of those moments that you want to freeze in time. We dove in and floated there. I clung onto my amphibious husband, a little terrified at what might be swimming around us but amazed at where we were — surrounded by a palace on the hillside and Monte Carlo in front of us. How many opportunities do you get to do something like that? It was priceless. 

^^^If you ever find yourself in Monte Carlo, check these out.

What a day!

P.S. We made it back to the ship in time!

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