We Joined the Circus for the Day {Trapeze Adventure}

I thought it would be fun do something daring for my Mom’s birthday this year. We were driving around town one day and we saw a circus trapeze near our local fair grounds. My mom said “Oh that looks like so much fun! Sign me up!” So I did. Was she bluffing? Nope. I got two lessons…one for me and one for Mom. We even invited my 70 year old step-grandmother. How awesome is that!? 3 generations joining the circus for the day. We loved it. Next comes sky diving.

^^^ Me learning how to catch. I got it on my first try {sorry I had to brag}

^^^^^^ Our hubby’s came to watch us. Dan, Dad and Grandpa.

^^^They even let Daniel give it a whirl. What a trooper…and he’s afraid of heights! He did a back-flip on his first try!

^^^Bette on her 70th Birthday! No that’s how you do life! And below, My fearless Mom on her back-flip! All smiles. She amazes me.

What a fun day! Here’s a little clip of my first time catching^^^

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