Pirch Cooking Class

Last Saturday Dan and I took a free cooking class at Pirch {it’s this super beautiful home design and fixtures wonderland. No joke.}. This place is amazing, even if you aren’t a home owner, it’s great to get ideas and look at all the purdy things. Dan and I are in the middle of building two rental houses, so we like to walk around this place and dream of the day when the houses will be finished or better yet, dream of the day when we can move into our own home someday {I love the little house we are renting, but it’ll be nice to have a place we can officially call our own}. Oh I’ll take that granite counter top and the built in espresso machine please — if money only grew on trees right? Every square inch of the Pirch is spectacular!
So as I was saying. We signed up for a FREE cooking class! As soon as we entered the Pirch we were greeted by some lovely baristas offering us fancy coffee! What? Can we live here? Then two chefs gathered us for a walk to the local SOCO Farmers Market where we learned about organic farming and free range livestock. After sampling cocoa almonds, blood oranges and avocado honey we walked back to the Pirch to begin our cooking lesson.
Our awesome chefs John and Craig.^^^
Me and Danny concentrating on choppin’ veggies.^^^
Eggs over sautéed kale and chard. Dan’s new favorite dish…he’s made it twice this week! I love it when he cooks! I even managed to take it to work with us {hot out of the oven}! I looked semi- ridiculous carrying a hot pan to my car in the morning, oven mitt and all. Worth it.
It was a fantastic class and a great start to our weekend. I can’t believe they offer it for free! So cool. A big thanks to the Pirch for being so amazing. We had a lot of fun!

Pictures 1 and 12 thepirch.com

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