Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Table
^^^I know it’s a tad on the late side, but I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving with my Parents and our HUGE extended family. So, I might have gone a bit overboard with all these pictures of the table, but I think my Mom did and amazing job — she should be a party planner…right?

^^^We reused the candle holders from our wedding. What a great investment…I think we’ve used them for every party since then!

^^^Mom…you are killing me with the bitty butterflies and acorns! Too cute!

^^^ My cousin Charlie and hubby Dan. Dan teases Charlie for being a frat boy and Charlie teases Dan for being a surfer…basically they love each other.

^^^My Dad is the turkey master. Our family loves to have potluck style dinners — everyone brings their favorite dish. We have a huge family, so having one person cook the entire meal would be insane. I was in charge of bringing pureed candied yams and rosemary potatoes and carrots. I really got into it and sprung for the fancy multi colored carrots at Traders. Is it weird that I was excited about carrots?

Because no Grams party is complete without a coffee station and butter cookies…^^^ Nice Mom

^^^Meet my Family. Mom is up front and Dad is at the other end. Everyone in between is an Uncle, Aunt or cousin + about 20 more not pictured! My mom was the youngest of 8 kids and Dad was the oldest of 3 kids…who all grew up and had 2-6 kids of their own. So family holiday parties are of epic proportions.

^^^One of my Aunts always brings a box of See’s Candy. It’s sort of a tradition for family gatherings…one that I take full advantage of {I secretly snuck the rest of the box home when everyone had left}. And on the right is my Danny. This is what his face permanently looks like. ^^^

^^^And then we had a Friendsgiving with all of our friends who were still in town. We originally were going to have it in our tiny house {in the backyard},  but it rained all day, so my parents offered their house. How nice 🙂 Well that made things super easy….everything was still set up from Thanksgiving, so we just cooked a new turkey and everyone pitched in with leftovers.

^^^The table looks so different at night! I love me some ambiance and candles!

And then we had hot cider and beers in the backyard^^^

It was a great Thanksgiving! We have SOOOOO much to be thankful for! I/we couldn’t be more blessed.

P.S. It is now officially CHRISTMAS TIME!
Woot Woot. Lets go get a Christmas tree!


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