50 Ways to Celebrate Life

1. Surround yourself with positive people.
2. Get involved in a charity or volunteer work. Do something good for your community.
3. Breathe deeply. Deep, slow belly breaths are good for reducing stress levels.
4. Eat healthy food. Your body will thank you immensely!
5. Laugh, laugh, laugh everyday!
6. Dance! Turn up the tunes and shake it!
7. Have a yard sale. Declutter your home while making some money or you can also donate it!
8. Redecorate a room. Change can be a good thing, even if it’s just rearranging the furniture.
9. Go to your local farmers market for fresh produce. Support your local farmers.
10. Go out to dinner with friends and try new exotic cuisine.
11. Indulge in a piece of dark chocolate cake and cup of coffee while watching your favorite show, reading a book or sitting on the porch etc.
12. Travel as often a possible. See new places and learn about different cultures. Be humble and open to different ways of life when visiting other countries.
13. Take a slow walk with someone you love. Hold their hand.
14. Grow your own garden. Plant flowers, fruits, veggies and herbs that you like to smell and eat!
15. Clean the house while listening to your favorite music. It’s nice to feel organized.
16. Treat yourself to an item that you’ve been wanting for a long time. You’re worth it…you work hard. It’s OK to get something nice for yourself once in a while.
17. Spend time with your family.
18. Play a classic board game ex: Monopoly, Pictionary or Scrabble. Have a game night with your family and friends.
19. Drink red wine…one glass a day is great for your heart
20. Go on a date with your spouse, bf/gf or a lovely friend.
21. Write your letters by hand — it’s becoming a lost art and handwritten letters are beautiful and personal. Someone will definitely cherish your effort.
22. Learn something new {outside of the box}…Latin Dance, Trapeze or Karate. It may just be the greatest thing ever!
23. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, ideas or feelings.
24. Go for a bike ride. Bring picnic supplies.
25. If you’re tired, take a nap. You need it.
26. Exercise and establish healthy habits.
27. Take a mental health day.
28. Sleep in on the weekends. If you have little ones, take turns with your spouse. “You take Saturday, I’ll take Sunday.”
29. Get a massage, take care of your body…it’s got to last you a lifetime
30. Wear sunscreen, protect your beautiful skin!
31. Literally “smell the roses” when you take a walk. Enjoy them.
32. Have a technology-free day, weekend, or week {this is a hard one}. Go and spend a day outside at the beach, hiking, riding bikes etc.
33. Spend quality alone-time with yourself.
34. Call someone just to tell them how much you love them.
35. Snuggle and kiss babies as often as possible.
36. Have a spontaneous day. No schedules allowed. Follow your heart.
37. Reminisce with friends over old pictures.
38. Stay in your PJ’s all day.
39. Smile more.
40. Read a book. A real book. With pages.
41. Close your eyes, get in a quiet space, meditate, pray or reflect on your day and the people you love.
42. Once in a while be sure to take a leap – a big giant leap- do something that’s scary and watch how life supports you! You’ll never what will happen if you’re too afraid to make a move.
43. Write love notes.
44. Tune into the fact that there is only one you and you are here for a special reason. Leave every place better than you found it.
45. Do something nice for someone else. Share your gifts.
46. Forgive. Grudges weigh on your heart…life is too precious to spend it unhappy
47. Host a party and cook an outrageous meal to share with the people you love.
48. Give long hugs.
49. Follow the path that matters most. What makes you happy? If you’re happy, the people around you will be happy too.
50. Be grateful for EVERYTHING that has been brought into your life. Even challenging times can shape us into stronger, wiser people.

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