Life Lately According to Insta

So much has happened in the past few months and I wish I could keep up with all these posts! Here is what we’ve been up to lately. Follow along if you would like to stay in touch.
~ Checking out a tree tunnel at a local art gallery
~ Cooking Vietnamese Spring Rolls with my love
~ Dinner in our backyard…finally invited the parental units over!
~ Attempting my first scarf on a weekend morning
~ Kumquat tea from China Town in Los Angeles
~ Celebrating our One Year Anniversary at Eat Chow
~ Surfing and camping in San Clemente
~ Daniel got to be a groomsman in our friend Ethan’s wedding {More pics to come!}
~ We got to dig into that year old wedding cake and some special Champagne
~ Lots of cooking and artsy projects in between
~ A trip to Chicago to have dinner with our favorite chef Rick Bayless {More pics to come!}
And I’m still missing so much more! I need to catch you guys up on my trip to Israel, some fabulous road trips and our European adventures. Stay tuned! I’m hoping I can write a post on each country we visited and give some photos and a recipe from each. Oh I am so excited to get them started! Lately it’s nothing but work, work, work and building these houses {I am extremely grateful for them, but this building stuff really does take over all your free time…hence the lack of posts}.

Insta Pics

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