A Grown-Up Girls Party

So Shannon and I were talking the other day… it’s funny how you reach that point in life when sleepovers at your friends house become a thing of the past. We grow-up, get married and have babies — quick lunch dates over foo foo salads take the place of that quality girl time we had when we were younger. So we decided to have a girls night with all the works: face masks, nail polish, chocolate and an endless array of junk food all centered around a big air mattress, pillows and blankets. Everyone brought a treat or drink to share. We lounged around in our jammies, laughed at our high school pictures and caught each other up on life. It was a blast — A well needed reminder of the good old days.

girls party
 Here is the picture we used for our invite. Haha. Love it.

Pictures: Last picture from Tumblr

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