Queens Bakery & {Sweet Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water Recipe}

Queen’s Bakery is an adorable girly bakery in Costa Mesa, California. They serve the “Queen’s” favorite treats from a variety of fascinating teas to sophisticated salads, fresh sandwiches, delectable desserts and pastries. To name a few…almond amaretto petit fours, rose cupcakes, hazelnut lattes, chipotle mocha’s, Italian cream sodas, and sweet orange blossom water etc. Their menu is so much fun! This place is every girls dream!
Sparkling Cucumber Mint
Sweet cucumber and mint sparkling water
How to make:
{Serves 5}
1 small cucumber finely minced or shredded
1/3 cup finely chopped mint
5 cups of sparkling water
1 cup club soda
1 cup of simple syrup
In a large pitcher
Muddle the cucumber and mint in the simple syrup
add sparkling water and club soda
pour over ice.
 A Parisian salad with cherry vanilla tea.

Petit fours

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