20 Ideas for an Awesome Date

Date Night

Sometimes our dates are few and far between — life is busy and we work 40-55 hours a week, but when Friday night rolls around, we do our best to find something fun to do! Dan and I went to dinner at Embarcadero the other night. I was so stoked to get dressed up and have a nice dinner with my love.

After our amazing meal he swept me off to the mountains for the first snow of the year.
Dan is the best.

Here are some date ideas that we are fond of…good for  newbies or veterans.

1. Hot Groupon Dates! Pick a new restaurant on Groupon…half the price and amazing food!
2. Go on a hike (drive out to a local hiking area or research a new spot. Don’t forget to pack a lunch)
3. Beach Day — grab your boards and head to the beach.
4. Go out to breakfast — start your day off right.
5. Go for an evening walk with hot chocolate or coffee in-hand. It’s nice to slowdown and have a  good conversation while taking a stroll.
6. Wii game night. Invite your friends over and have a competition
7. $1 movie theater (they play reruns! Check to see if you have one near you)
8. Try a new ethnic restaurant…something different.
9. Hit the city. Sometimes we’ll drive out to LA for some fun. Where is your largest city?
10. Take a cooking class together
11. Taco Tuesdays
12. Krav Mega lessons (Dan and I took a complimentary martial arts class once…Daniel got paired with this giant man named Mammal. What!? It was pretty funny to watch him defend himself. Haha.)
13.Sky Divining. If you dare
14. Camping
15. Thrift Store Shopping
16. Farmers Market for fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and bread
17. Bowling with your buds. Beer, Pizza and an embarrassing lack of bowling skills.
18. A mountain weekend trip…Drive to your local mountains and rent a cabin
19. A Duffy Ride (for those of you who live near a bay or harbor). Fun little boats to putz around in.
20. Cocktails and pictionary night with a few friends.

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