Second Hand Shops and Thrift Stores

I have been scoring big-time lately at thrift stores, rummage sales and second hand shops.
Do you bargain shop? If so where?
Here is a list of a few places that I love to find goodies.
Good Will
Buffalo Exchange
Cross Roads
Salvation Army
Here are some of my recent finds!
A vintage Chanel purse! I found this at the St. Andrews rummage sale last week. I paid a whopping $15 for it. Is it real? I don’t know. Does anyone know how you can tell? It seems to be made out of real leather, the stitching is straight and clean and the gold chain doesn’t have any tarnish. It looks legit to me! How great would that be if this was real!? I am crossing my fingers…
I found this cute little leather clutch for $1 at the same rummage sale. I really like the rose brocade. I’m thinking of replacing the thread tie with a leather one…that will class it up a notch.
I found this anthropologie sweater at Salvation Army today for $12.99. It still had the tags on it! And guess how much it what going for at Anthropologie….$293! What? That’s insane!
I found this beautiful vintage mirror at a parking lot garage sale at 1734 Orange Ave. Costa Mesa CA, 92627. They have a sale every first Saturday of the month.  I paid $10 for it and I found the exact frame going for $149 a week later on etsy. Yay!


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