Diy Puffy Paint Lanterns

Here is how I would make these beauties…
You will need:
-1 mason jar
-1 fine point marker
-puffy paint
Draw your design with a marker
trace with puffy paint
For a candle lit lantern:
-2 bendable wires (around 3 feet each)
-tea light
Fashion a handle out of the wire making a loop at each end.
Feed a second strand of wire through each loop and fasten it around the threads of the jar; twisting tightly multiple times.
For an electrical lantern:
-mason jar lid
-electrical chord with light bulb attachment.
You’ll need to poke a hole through the lid and cut your electrical chord near the light bulb attachment. Pull the chord through the hole in the lid and then reattach the wires and wrap the new connection with electrical tape.
puffy lanterns
Pictures: Lit Decor
Or you can buy a lantern that is already made by Lit Decor Shop owner is: Vanessa Cline


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