Sailing and a Flying Jetpack!

Daniel and I finally took a sailing class! We can now officially sail (somewhat) on our own! Yay! Here are some pictures of our 5 week class and all the fun things we learned. I can proudly say that we never capsized and we kept the yelling at eachother to a healthy minimal level. Ha-ha.

B-“No that’s not how you do it!”
D-“Yes it is!”
B-“We’re gonna tip!”
D-“Chilax ”
but seriously, we had a blast.
Ahem…we were the best in the class.
sailing class

Some basic knots we used in sailing
Cleat Hitch                           Round turn and 2 half hitches

Clove Hitch

Figure Eight                                        Bowline


Dan looking handsome

One of our many yachts…ha-ha
We sailed by this this guy that was wearing some kind of water jet suit! Blew my mind…
I researched it later and found out it’s called a Jetlev Jetpack.
That was fun. What shall we try next Dan?
Love you.

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