Jalama Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Jalama Beach. It was a fun weekend. We were glad to get away for just a few short days; to take a break from work and wedding planning. It’s nice to clear your head once in awhile. Funny thing though… we hit a huge rain storm and 40mph winds! We spent most of the time inside the Winnebago with our friends, but any time spent with friends is time well spent! The weather wasn’t on our side, but the waves sure were!

Dany T. and I did some water painting
Here is a picture of our camp, during a spot of sunshine…the poles we used to hold up the awning were bent in half by morning time (the wind was that STRONG). How exciting!

David and Danny Z.

Dany T. (one of my lovely bridesmaids) and I were the only ladies on the trip. Making dinner for a bunch of hungry guys is quite a task. They’ve got it too good.
Chicken kebabs.

The Beach
Jalama Surf

 The Boyz

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