Amazing Places

I’ve been dealing with a serious case of the travel bug… not the sick kind, but the I NEED TO TRAVEL kind. Do you ever have those days that you wish you could drop everything, grab your love and take off? When I was a kid, I use to spin our world globe around and close my eyes. I’d place my finger on the spinning globe and move it up and down until it stopped on a random place. “Ahhh-haa this looks like a good place to go next.”
Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?
For a day?
For a month?
For a year?
These look like some fabulous places…

St. Petersburg, Russia

Istanbul, Turkey


Gourette, Pyrenees

The Wave — Near the Coyotes Buttes in Arizona, USA

Milan, Italy


Portal view from Hotel Punta Regina, Positano, Italy

Blue Lagoon, Luzon, The Philippines

Leshan Giant Buddha


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