Secrets to Finding Your Joie De Vivre

What makes you happy in life? I believe that each person finds happiness in a unique way. Here are some tips to finding your joie de vivre that I noted while reading Bonjour Happiness.  A beautiful exercise that we all should do…When you come across things that make you smile — those “Ahhh life is good moments”, write them down. Make a list of the things that you like to savor. It’s a fun little project that will remind you about the simple pleasures in life.
    • Love yourself, and others. Do everything in love
    • Take a bubble bath with rose oil
    • Treat simple things like treasures 
    • Take the time to enjoy your food
    • Organize and simplify
    • Have breakfast on the porch
    • Wear lipstick
    • Take a walk and focus on fine details; the color of leaves, tiny blades of grass, and the smell of those jasmine flowers that are blooming nearby
    • Volunteer in your community; for your church, help your neighbors, your friends etc. Doing something nice for others will make you feel great too
    • Ride a bike
    • Sip a cup of coffee with cream while reading a good book or magazine
    • Enjoy fires in the fireplace
    • Snuggle up with your love and a cozy blanket
    • Shop at mom and pop stores or farmers markets
    • Practice good posture + being confident in yourself and your decisions = sexy
    • Grow your own fruits and vegetables in the summer time
    • Hand write your letters and save all the ones you receive
    • Cook with fresh ingredients
    • Display original art in your home
    • Learn a foreign language…and use it
    • Take a class on a subject that interest you
    • Buy or pick fresh flowers for your home
    • Don’t fight aging, welcome it. Aging is a beautiful process
    • Accept compliments instead of denying them, but remain humble while doing so
    • Wear French lingerie even if no one sees it
    • Take time-off for yourself
    • Get pampered once in awhile. “An empty well gives no water”
    • Travel
    • Practice your handwriting. Make it something you’re proud of
    • Dress the part 
    • Become involved and excited about each event.
    • Tell others how much you appreciate them and love them
    • Find joy in everyday things. Focus on fine details within your daily routines. Find everything special and something to be thankful for.
Things to think about…
Joie de vivre is “Loving life, loving people loving to be alive, feeling alive. It’s about smiling in your heart and being grateful for the things [and people] in your life: being in good health, being able to hear, to see, to walk etc.” (P. 13)
Everyday is a new beginning
I hope you are having a wonderful day my friends.

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