10 Helpful Tips for the Kitchen.

1. For cleaning smelly hands after chopping onions or garlic, just rub them on a stainless steel kitchen sink or spoon. The steel is supposed to absorb the odor.
2. If you happen to over-salt a pot of soup, just drop in a peeled potato. The potato will absorb the excess salt.
3. Never put citrus fruits or tomatoes in the fridge. The low temperatures degrade the aroma and flavor of these persnickety fruits.
4. Burned a pot of rice? Just place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to draw out the burned flavor. Be careful not to scrape the burned pieces off of the bottom of the pan when serving the rice.
5. If your salt is clumping up, put a few grains of rice in with it to absorb excess moisture.
6. An oldie, but a goodie – use cooking spray on plastic containers to prevent stains from tomato sauce, marinara, chili, or any sauce that might stain your Tupperware.
7. To easily remove burnt food off of a skillet, add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Then set it on the stove and bring to a boil to remove the burnt foods.
8. Mix 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a microwave-safe container, and zap it on high for five minutes. When it’s done, remove the container and wipe down the interior of the oven. Any gunk should slide right off + it smells nice!
9. If a tiny piece of egg shell falls into the bowl along with the raw egg, wet your finger with water before attempting to fish it out. You’ll be shocked at how easily it can be grabbed and eliminated.
10. Place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot to keep it from boiling over. (I tried this one last week…it totally works! I had to grab Dan to show him the cool trick! “Wow Britt, really cool.” Ha-ha. I think I was more excited than he was.)
There you go — 10 tips for the kitchen! What are some tips that you use?
Tips compiled from (lifehackery, thenest and professionalrecipes)



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