Bonjour Happiness

I just started reading Bonjour Happiness by Jamie Cat Callan. As a young girl, Callan was fascinated by her French Grandmother. Callen captures the secrets of her grand-mères classic style and how she took joy in simple, everyday pleasures. Callen shares lessons on how to age gracefully, enjoy life and how to celebrate being an elegant woman. She reminds us that we too can acquire this joie de vivre.
Hmmmm I’m excited to see where this goes.
Here are a few sneak-peek-lessons from Bonjour Happiness.
Edited version of Shannon Ables Review at Simply Luxurious Life
*Break the connection between spending money and happiness by finding experiences that bring you joy, but do not cost a thing
*Fill your home with fresh flowers and original art
*Learn to survive on your own
*Learn a new language
*Reject the fast and efficient and instead choose something that takes a little more time and delays gratification, ultimately creating more satisfaction.
*Don’t share everything about your personal life– maintain your mystery
*Try to ride your bike or walk everywhere
*Do not seek approval from othes in life. Do what you think is best and be proud of your actions
*Keep the dining room table clutter free even when not using it
*Pay attention to your posture
*Buy local
*Plant herbs
*Consider staying away from the kitchen between meals
*Practice the art of conversation by complimenting both men and women
*Wear good lingerie all the time.
*Buy one bra for every three panties
*Pair quality basics with unusual finds

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