Old Wives Tale Tells All: Boy or Girl Pregnancy Predictor

boy or girl

This picture makes me crack up! Last week a bunch of us ladies got together for a Christmas tea party. My good friend Lyssa is expecting her first baby next summer and we thought it would be fun to google an old wives tale to predict whether she was having a baby boy or girl. We tried the test with more than one holder and the results were the same each time! A boy! And guess what…three days later when she got her ultrasound our prediction was true!

Congrats to Lyssa and Chase on their baby boy!
Here’s how to do the test — just for fun:
The ring test is a very common baby gender predictor. Hang your wedding band on a string of your hair, or on a string. Have someone stand over you and hold the ring directly over your belly. If the ring moves in a circle you are having a girl and if the ring sways back and forth you are having a boy.


  1. Amber (bambi64) says:

    You can also do this on your wrist when you are not pregnant. You need a pencil with a threaded needle stuck in the eraser. Hold by the thread so the pencil is over your wrist. Circle is a girl, back n forth is a boy. It was right on target for me but changed each time after I had a baby but was still right for the ones I had. (ps. it works on the guys too, on their wrist 😉 )

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