Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Miranda Kerr Workout


The last post on VS supermodel workouts was so popular, I thought I should find another one for all you lovely ladies…and because I have been re-motivated to workout after watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last week. I wonder why? Ha-ha. I found Miranda Kerr’s weekly workout on Sharieitfitness. It’s no cake-walk. She works hard and eats a healthy balanced diet to achieve her slender amazingnessssss. I’ve also heard that she is a big fan of Yoga!

Here it is:

Miranda usually spends about 90 minutes in the gym, 4 days a week. If you don’t have time for that, try spreading it out over 6 days. She begins with a 15 minute sprint/jog session to get her heart rate up. She’ll jog for 2 minutes then sprint for 30 seconds and repeats the process until 15 minutes are up. After her warm-up she’ll jump rope — 5 minutes of regular jumping, followed by 5 minutes of advanced. Advanced jump roping includes double skips, one-legged jumps, and knee tucks.

Then it’s onto the resistance component to her routine. Miranda’s trainer has her practice snatches, in ladder form. What this means is she’ll lay out 4 dumbbells in increasing weight. She’ll start with the lightest and do 1 rep, then move on to the next heaviest and so on (weights do not exceed 15 lbs. remember the focus is toning the arms, not bulking-up). Once she’s done all four, she’ll start back at the lightest weight and do 2 reps etc. She repeats this process until 10 reps for each weight.  Tip: Move fast during the ladder snatch drill to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories.

From here she will spend 20 minutes focusing on lower body toning with a barbell and a few weights. She combines barbell squats, barbell lunges, barbell reverse lunges, and box jumps to make up her lower body routine. She’ll do 3 sets of 12 for each kind.

Miranda repeats her jump rope drills for another 10 minutes at this point. The goal of a circuit training routine is to keep the heart rate high. This burns a massive amount of calories and vastly improves cardiovascular capabilities.

From here it’s back onto the treadmill. Although this time it will be with a steeper incline. Miranda will spend 3 minutes sprinting, 6 minutes walking, and 6 minutes walking backwards.

To recap:

15 minutes: Jog/sprint – sprint 30 seconds, jog 2 minutes, repeat.
10 minutes: Jump rope – 5 minutes regular jumping, 5 minutes advanced jumping technique
20 minutes: Ladder snatches – see above for description
20 minutes: Lower body work – BB squats, BB lunges, BB reverse lunges, box jumps
10 minutes: Jump rope – 5 minutes regular jumping, 5 minutes advanced jumping technique
15 minutes: Inclined treadmill (at LEAST 15 degrees) – 3 minutes sprinting, 6 minutes walking, 6 minutes walking backwards



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