1. Brittany - A BIT OF BEES KNEES says:

    Hey Gracie, I've been looking for a new link (since the old one is no longer working) and I can't seem to find anything. It's fairly simple though…

    I would suggest using a pair of fabric scissors to cut your jeans, lace (you can find lace at any craft or fabric store such as Micheal's or Joann Fabrics),pins (to pin your lace in place while you sew) and a needle & thread.

  2. Jewell Padua says:

    A woman at Jo-Anns said that what is used in the picture is a 'lace applique' which comes in all shapes and the one used in the picture is most likely a triangle shape. Hope that helps… I've been on the mission on doing this to a pair of my fave cut offs that have ripped a little too high!

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