A Pat Surprise and Jump Rock

Our friend Patrick flew down from Oregon on Friday night just to come to our neighborhood Halloween party on Saturday! What a surprise! Danny and I wanted to show him around before he took-off Sunday morning. We thought it would be fun to take him for a boat ride and swim out to Jump Rock. Here are some pictures from Saturday morning. Fun stuff!
Shanny on the dock.
Daaa Boyz
Danny and Pat.
I’m diggin the suspenders Patty!
The gang.
We had to fill-up the boat before we made our way to Jump Rock
Shanny and I hopped off the dock and got some fruit for the ride. I love this little stand — so cute. Danny and I walk past it when we take evening strolls around Balboa Island.
We made it to Jump Rock and dropped the anchor about 300 feet away. The swim was the only hard part…it’s a bit cold in October and we “trunked it” in Daniel’s terms (meaning, without a wetsuit). Pat didn’t bring trunks so he decided to swim in his jeans and suspenders. Ha-ha he’s hilarious! What a good sport. Once we reached the rock, we climbed up the back side and jumped off!
It’s such a rush! I love it!
You can only climb the back side on calm days, otherwise the waves will smash you against the barnacle rocks. Some people prefer to climb the front of the cliff if they are swimming from the beach.
j rock

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