A Manx, a Man and 85 Degrees

Danny has a fun Meyers Manx that we take out on the weekend. I secretly call it “The Pika” (short for Pikachu…) because it reminds me of that cute yellow and black Pokemon. Dan would think the name is lame-o, so hush, hush. Any who…he took me for a ride Sunday morning. We drove down to Balboa Island. “Nooooo don’t take the corner so FAST! Slow down!!! There’s a Dip, Dip, DIPPPP!” He laughed and just went faster. I’m pretty sure our back wheels got some air. It smelled like burnt rubber. He’s crazy.
Here is a picture of the bridge we cross to get to Balboa. If you aren’t from around these parts, I would highly recommend to stop by for a visit. Balboa is a quaint little island with cute shops and beautiful houses. Danny and I like to get coffee and walk around the island in the evenings. Sometimes David will come along too. I love those walks.
Here’s a picture of the shops just over the bridge. My mom would always take Bran and me to get frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Her favorite topping was toffee peanut. We would sit on this bench and the pigeons would come and eat the toppings that spilled over our paper trays. Be warned… if you eat at this bench during the summer, pigeons are bound to attack you and your food! I also remember babysitting the Rankin kids when they were staying on the island. John had just learned how to walk. Daniel chased him down the sidewalk while I held Annie and the wagon. Those kids are a bagillion years old now…time flys. Good times.
We parked our Manx by the Chinese restaurant and walked to a sweet shop around the corner. They sell all kinds of caramel and candied apples this time of year! I got my favorite — Apple Pie Caramel Apple.
Later that evening, I picked up Julia, Shan, Mo and Lyssa and we drove to 85 Degrees for some pastries and sea salt coffees!
The line is ALWAYS out the door.
Once you get inside, grab a tray and have fun! They have the best breads and pastries!
Carb overload! Peanut butter almond twist, coffee bread with red bean mochi, chocolate almond croissant, sweet bubble loaf, strawberry half moon and a herb cheese baguette.
Sea Salt Coffee. There is a layers of buttery salted cream on top of cold coffee sweetened with condensed milk — biggest flavour trip ever. Julia, I am forever grateful.
Next time I want to try salted green or passion fruit tea!
It was a fun day!

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