Venue Shopping

Danny and I went venue shopping yesterday… after many weeks of researching we gathered up all our papers and addresses and drove around looking at each of the venues. We looked at Balboa Bay Club, Newport Dunes and Oasis. My Mom and I looked at the Costa Mesa Country Club, Mesa Verde Country Club and Tulip Rose. All in all I would have to say that my favorites are the Mesa Verde Country Club and Oasis.

Here are pictures of Oasis!
Very cool room…I could see this decked-out with chandeliers, candles and flowers!
They have a professional kitchen that your caterer can use!
 I can see this courtyard all jazzed up for a cocktail hour!
Yay for fire pits!
What do you guys think? Where did you have your wedding reception or if you aren’t married, where would your dream reception be? As of now, we are still keeping our options open, but I would love to hear what you guys have to say! What are key elements that you would like to have..dancing, food, small guest list/ big guest list, decorations etc.?

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