Our friend Peter had the fabulous idea of getting dinner at the Kogi truck last night! The Kogi truck is a traveling Los Angeles landmark that serves up Korean / Mexican inspired food such as their Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas and Short Rib Sliders. Quality Korean barbecue meets traditional, homemade tortillas and fresh veggies to create a taste that carries the rhythms of LA street culture.
Most recently the Kogi family has opened up its first sit-down restaurant, Chego, in Palms. Kogi is so delicious and the price is extremely reasonable! Big fan! We got a spicy pork taco, short rib burrito, blackjack quesadilla  and a Chocolate tres leches cake for dessert.  YUM!!!! It was all good! We then walked over to the park and caught the tail-end of Monsters Inc. on a big outdoor screen. It was a fun night! Thanks for the great idea Peter!


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