Codes for Longevity


I am so proud to announce that my Great Uncle Phillip Schaeffer along with my Great Aunt Gita Labrentz, Ph.D finished
Codes for Longevity
Living well beyond 80, 90, and 100 years.
I am simply fascinated with Phillip’s healthy lifestyle and warm personality. He is one of the kindest people I know – always smiling and happy; he gives the best hugs and always has something genuine to say! I’ve re-read this book many times and I love all the advice he gives about taking care of your body, mind and soul; it’s my go-to-book for tips on living a healthy, natural life. Phillip Schaeffer is a truly remarkable man with wonderful recommendations on how to promote longevity.
And as they say… “Behind every great man, there is a great woman” (love you too Aunt Gita)! You both did a fabulous job on Codes for Longevity.
Here are a few of Phillip’s sworn-by health tips that he has implemented into his daily life. Pick up a copy of your own HERE and read about many more lifestyle routines that will help improve the quality and length of your life.
-Take time to practice deep breathing exercises daily.

-Eating foods rich in anti-oxidant will counteract free radical damage.

-Embrace life with joy and enthusiasm. Positivity will help lengthen your life. Let go of stress (meditation, prayer, yoga)
[On a side note… I learned in a few bio-psych classes that your body will produce stress related hormones such as Cortisol and Catecholamine’s when you are worried, angry or frightened. A build up of stress hormones can lead to heart and cell damage in the body. You can literally make yourself sick from constant stress.]

-Get 8 hours of sleep

-Always stay connected to younger generations. Do not surround yourself with negativity or lazy spirits
-Keep up-to-date in everything you do…reading, technology, events, entertainment.
-Get involved in community activities; take up hobbies or college classes. Learning new things and helping others will ward-off depression.
-Laugh more and forgive freely, don’t hold grudges. You can alter your life by altering your attitude
-Use it or lose it! Increase your flexibility and mental activities (exercise, stretch, puzzles, math and music…)
-Multivitamins A 10,000IU, B complex 400mg, B6, C and E, pantothenic, zinc 50mg and selenium 400mg, D (1,000 IU) and multivitamins daily.
-Avoid refined foods and artificial sweeteners
-Eat Garlic = antibiotic cleansing agents
-Smile as much as possible
-Massage lymph nods often (neck, armpit etc.) they filter toxins and are sometimes concentrated and need to be massaged
-Avoid using household cleaners. Use natural products such as vodka or alcohol to clean.
– Drink 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 3 times daily (to alkalize the body). A body that is too acidic will lead to illness and disease.
-detoxify your liver and practice eye exercises to eliminate glasses.

“You are responsible for the kind of energy that you put out into the world. Whatever you give, you will get back”-B
Congrats Uncle Phillip and Aunt Gita!

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  1. Gita says:

    Thank you, Brittany and/or Brandon, for your unequivocal support and acknowledgment of our book CODES FOR LONGEVITY.
    Here’s to your health, joy and longevity,
    Your great-aunt and great-uncle, Gita & Phillip

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