Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 8

Today was our last morning with Christian and Jenna. They invited us to go rafting with their family, but Daniel and I had to get-a-move-on (we had plans to be in Sonoma this evening and San Francisco tomorrow). We took baby Aiden and Nanny to the Rouge Creamery for cheese tasting and to Lillie Belle Farms for handmade chocolates before we set-off to Sonoma.




Danny and I got some Oregon Blue (blue cheese) and a brown sugar spice marbled cheddar with a hunk of Salami.



Katie and Austin lent us baby Aiden for the morning.




Happy Boys
Dan decided to buy a cute baby he found at the Creamery
Road Trip
Rum fig jam, berry jam and biscuits for sale! Nanny got a berry jam.
He Goes
Stinker Bug
After the Creamery, we walked next door to Lillie Belle’s for chocolates!
Lavender sea salt caramels. Soooo good. I’d say they were my favorite out of the whole shop!
Danny and Christian’s Nanny Patty. She is such a wonderful woman!
 I got a Strawberry Passion Cup, a Blue Cheese Truffle, Frangelico Cup and an Absinthe Ganache.
After we said our goodbyes, Danny and I picked blackberries for the car ride to Sonoma!
We had a fun day! Tomorrow we’ll be driving into San Francisco! Yay!


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