Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 7

Daniel went for a 6:00AM hike with Christian, Jan & Joe (Christian’s in-laws) and Mike (Christian’s father). They watched the sunrise over Medford.
I was a lazy butt and slept-in with the rest of the Yule kids.
I gave Danny my camera so he could take some pictures of the hike. What a view!
OR Trip
After the boys got back, Daniel and I spent the day with Christian’s family. We drove to Crater Lake! It was a beautiful day!
Danny holding sweet baby Aiden (Austin’s son)
Crater Lake. This is the bluest water I’ve ever seen!
Check out that color!
If you look closely  you can see a very small Danny on the left side.
Natural Bridges — just outside of Crater Lake. The river rushes through lava tubes that form a bridge.
We had a picnic lunch overlooking the lake.
That night we went back to Jenn and Christian’s for dinner. Mike, Katie and Nanny (Patty) made some WONDERFUL chicken enchiladas.
And I got to spend some time with lovely Olivia.
Christian is a Daddy!
I love this picture of Olivia. She is gorgeous!
Danny holding Aiden (Austin’s son) and Christian holding his little Olivia.
Dan and I had a wonderful time visiting with Christian and Jenn and their families. Congrats on lovely little Olivia and our prayers will be with the both of you. We’ll see you at Christmas!!!! Please post millions of pictures of Olivia until then! We love you guys! Good luck in the Army Christian! We are so proud of you!

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