OR/CA Road Trip: Day 4

Day four of our fabulous Oregon/California road trip was amazing! Meagan and Josh had a whole day planned for us! We started off with a morning hike through Silver Falls — A BEAUTIFUL 8 mile hike through the Oregon forest with 12 waterfalls! After our hike we explored the streets of Portland and had dinner and some Voodoo Doughnuts for dessert. What a spectacular day!
Danny stoked for the hike.
The first waterfall!
Here is the second waterfall. Dan got a great picture of  Josh, Meag and me walking behind it.
Oregon Trip
Danny on the backside of the waterfall
Stopping for LUNCH! PB&J’s, granola bars, chips, goldfish and trail mix!
Danny and Josh
This was my favorite waterfall! The water shoots off an overhang! If you look closely you can see people sitting on a bench in the crevice behind the water.
Can you see them?
Amazing (click on this pic so you can get a better view)


After our hike, we drove to Portland!


Kids playing in the city fountain. One kid was wearing superhero underoohoos…too cute.
Awesome idea…This group of friends dressed up as characters from Anchorman for a bar crawl. They were hilarious.


Voodoo Doughnuts! I have been wanting to go here for years! Check mark…


Glitter bricks at Voodoo.






Ummm? hahaha


Dan got a classic voodoo doll and I got an Oreo peanut butter doughnut.



Dan’s Voodoo doughnut was filled with raspberry jelly complete with a pretzel stabbing stick. Too funny.


Josh and Meag! Thank you so much for putting up with us for 2 days! We had a ton of fun and we hope that we can return the favor when you visit! The hike was amazing and our impromptu trip to Portland was great! Thank you for letting us spend the weekend with you and for being such wonderful hosts!

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