Or/Ca Road Trip: Day 3

Dan and I left Brookings, OR around 9:00 this morning and made our way to Corvallis by midafternoon. Here are some pictures we took along the way.
We found a sea food restaurant on the 101. I ordered the crab cake burger and Danny got some clam chowder!
We finally made it to Corvallis! Josh drove Dan and I down to the river to meet up with Meagan after work. We jumped on our rafts and floated down the river.
After our float we went to American Dream Pizza for dinner. The restaurant had a cute rooftop patio with umbrellas and  potted lavender .
 The WONDERFUL Meagan and Josh.
OR RoadT
After dinner we took a leisurely stroll through the wetlands.
When it was time to retire, I walked into my room and found a gorgeous quilt and 2 baby elephants on my bed. Guess what…? Meagan sewed it all herself! Wow! She is quite talented with her thread and needle! Fabulous job Meag, you are amazing.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Meagan and Josh are some of the most genuine people I know. Good friends, good hearts and hospitable to the max! We can’t wait for tomorrow — fun things are instore!

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