Or/Ca Road Trip Day 1:

We’re off! 3:45 AM! Oregon bound and ready for a LOOOONG drive.
Dan surprised me with a fresh ham & cheese croissant. Thanks babe!
Before we left, I went to Mitsuwa (one of our very cool Asian super markets at home). I wanted to pick up some fun stuff for us to snack on during the drive. This was the first time we tried a Calpico drink (imported from Japan). This one tasted like Peach Ring’s. Spectacular!
How we passed our time…gummy bears on the dashboard.
After Mt. Shasta, there is a small logging town called McCloud that was established in 1895. It looked straight out of the 50’s! They had beautiful b&b’s and a fascinating history center that had memorobilia from the late 1800’s and WW1.
Dan checking out McCloud. He remembers coming here when he was a kid. We took a little detour on our way to Oregon so he could reminisce and show me this wonderful picturesque town.
Tickling the ivories on Main Street. P.S. – I really like the hanging light bulbs.
 No town is complete without a candy shop!
Here is a picture of some great kitchenware from the early 1900’s at the history center. We meet a lovely woman named Marion and she showed us around the center. Marion grew up in McCloud and she shared wonderful stories about the town and her childhood.
King-size chocolate bar for a Nickel!
Here is a WW1 uniform donated by one of the residents in the town. He was a fighter pilot. He wore a thick leather coat, lined with sheep’s wool.
Marion’s Husband played the Saxophone (the one in the dark jacket). Each week, the townspeople would get together and dance the night away.
Marion standing next to equipment from the old hospital. Apparently the baby scale in the corner may have been the same scale the doctor used to weigh her on the day she was born.
Check out these contraptions…this is how women waved/permed their hair back in the day!
Here are some fancy hats that the towns women would wear. Hats were a symbol of femininity. My mother has some of my Grandmothers hats that she wore in the 50’s. I love to put them on from time to time.
On our way to Brookings, Daniel wanted to stop by Lake Siskiyou. We went for a swim! It was a refreshing break before we finished the rest of the drive to Grandma’s house.
oregon mts
Look how clear the water was! We’re 5 inches deep here! Crystal clear and gorgeous.
The evening sun as we drove down to Grandmas house.

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