Oregon/California Road Trip! Yaaahooo!

Daniel and I are going on a road trip to Oregon! We’re visiting my Grandmother, Josh n Megan (old friends), Christian n Jenn (our expecting friends) and The Fitzmorris Family (family friends). We’ll then make our way back into California, visiting Sonoma, San Francisco and San Louis Obispo on our way down the coast. Wowzaaa this is going to be a fun filled trip…with lots of driving! I’ll try to keep you updated along the way. Here is a rough draft of our day to day plans!
 Wednesday – Friday: We are leaving at 4:00 AM coffee in-hand! We have 15 glorious hours of driving ahead of us until we reach Grandma’s house in Brookings, OR. We hope to spend time picking blackberries with “NiMa” and making jam to bring home. She wants to take Dan and me out for some of the “best burgers in town” — a celebration of our recent engagement! Yum, sounds tasty!
Friday – Sunday: After breakfast with Gram, we are planning to drive to Josh and Megan’s in Corvallis, OR. Josh is a pastor in Covallis, so we’re sure they’re the happen’in couple in town — hard for them to find free time, when a community needs to be served! We hope we can steal them away for a day at the river or to talk about their adventures of teaching English in Korea.
 Danny and I will also be visiting the Fitzmorris family (they live in the next town over). Chris and Tena are long-time family friends that grew up with my parents. Their boys, Josh and Pat are roughly the same age as Dan and me, so it’ll be fun hanging with the guys on the farm. Maybe they can show us how to drive the harvest tractors!
I remember when we were young, Josh dared Pat to pee out of the barn window and into a tiny fishbowl below. Our mothers weren’t too happy about that.
Ohhh the good old days… those boys were always entertaining.
 OR Road Trip
Sunday – Wednesday: After saying our goodbye’s to Josh n Meg and the Fitzmorris Family, Danny and I will head to Christian and Jenn’s in Medford, OR. Danny and Christian have been friends since elementary school. Christian and Jenn are expecting a baby tomorrow morning!!!! They wanted us to be there for when Olivia arrives! We are so honored and excited to be invited! Christian is starting his contract with the military only days after the baby arrives, so these few days will be a whirlwind of celebration and send-offs! We are thrilled for the birth of Olivia and so proud of Christian for his service and Jenn for being a fearless new mama! We love you both!
Wednesday – Thursday: Dan and I are leaving Medford Wednesday morning and driving to Sonoma for fun with wine. We have friends that live in the area and it will be nice to drop by and see them. I’ve heard so many great things about Sonoma; I’m eager to see what awaits us in the land of wine!
Thursday – Friday: We leave Thursday morning from Sonoma and we’ll travel to San Francisco (one of my all time fav’s). I can’t wait to eat at Oyster Depot and do some light shopping in the Marina District. Maybe we’ll be able to grab some cannolis at Lucca’s Delicatessen!
So I know this is majorly touristy, but we also have plans to take a ferry to Alcatraz! I’ve never been, and Dan says it’s a must. So we’ll be catching and mid-afternoon ferry to THE ROCK — provided we get our tickets soon!
Friday – Sunday: Friday, we’ll have breakfast in the city and use the remainder of the morning to do what-ev… I’m thinking a run across the Golden Gate would be fun. Too ambitious? Ehhh maybe. We shall see.
After fun in San Fran, we will mosey our way down to SLO (San Louise Obispo). One of our best friends (Evan) is living there until December. We love visiting Evan, there is always fun times to be had with the McLainsterzzzzzzzz.
 So that is it. These are our rough plans for the next 12 days. I’ll try to keep you updated with the latest and greatest of our road trip adventure! I have a pile of new posts that I have prepared to keep you busy in the meantime, as well as sporadic updates from our trip! Have a good week my friends!

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