Diy: Lanterns

Lanterns add pizzazz to parties, dinners, shindigs etc. Here are some fun DIY lanterns that will jazz up any special event.
P.S. Kids love making these too!
Doily Tree Flowers
These are dainty and adorable. You can use a strand of Christmas tree lights! Wrap small paper doilies around the base of the each light. Secure with clear tape.

Fabric Makeover Lamp
Find your favorite fabric and cut the length and width of the lampshade circumference. Sew the fabric ends together and pull it over your lampshade. Vuala.

Tin Can Lanterns
Draw dot designs with a washable marker and then poke holes in the tin with a nail and hammer. Hang with a wire and place a candle inside. Simple and cute.

Pearl Lamp
Ooh la la, this is so pretty. You will need a wire cage and wire pearl strands.These pearl strands can be found at craft stores like Michael’s in the flower or wedding section. Simply twist the pearls between the slats on the cage and hang you lantern with a metal chain and hook.


Tissue Pendant Lamps
These are fun looking! I would make these the same way as the cocktail umbrella lantern — A paper lantern, glue and tissue paper. I’ve also seen these decorated with newspaper circles and thin book pages. Fun stuff.

Lace Lantern
BEAUTIFUL! This one takes a bit longer, but the finished product is magnificent. You will need lace doilies, a large balloon (found at party supply stores), string, wood or wall glue, a brush and a light with an extension cord.

1. Blow up your balloon to the desired size of your lamp and hang it from a string
2. Soak all of your lace doilies in glue and place them on your balloon. Make sure that the doilies overlap — this will give your lamp more support
3. Once all of your doilies have been placed on the balloon, take you brush and coat the lamp once more.
4. Let the lamp dry for 24 hours or until the glue is hard.
5. Pop your balloon and carefully peal it away from the inside of the lamp.
6. Attach your light bulb and extension cord and secure it to the inside of the lamp…


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